10 tips for buying your next pair of shoes

Shoes are much more than a fashionable item. They are also supposed to protect the precious feet, which are subject to heavy loads during the day.
Therefore, in purchasing them it is important to invest time and thought.

We’ve compiled 10 tips for you, don’t do in the context of purchasing designer, healthy and functional women’s shoes:

• Comfort is not a crude word – you will be surprised to find that comfort shoes do not have to look like your grandmother’s shoes.
• Today, large and leading companies are making sure, using unique technologies, orthopedic shoes and comfort, designed according to the international fashion order.
• Be sure to choose functional and comfortable shoes for your health.
• Look at what’s in the jar too – fashionable shoes and bags “wink” at you, but beyond the pretty look, it’s important that you also look at the materials from which the shoes are made!
• Choose shoes made of genuine leather or natural material to ensure elasticity that will fit the individual foot structure.
• Quality measurement – make sure you measure your shoes in the afternoon. For, your delicate feet expand and swell after a long, laborious day.
• Also, make sure you measure both shoes, because your feet aren’t the same size.
• Practical test – Once you are impressed with the outer and inner beauty of the shoes, check to see if they actually fit your feet. Walking for at least 20 minutes around the store, changing posture and going down / up the stairs (if there is a store) will allow you to examine the comfort of your shoes over time.
• Reach shoe stores with nylon stockings – Be sure to measure in shoe stores with your nylon stockings. Measuring on a barefoot foot (or with a different stocking thickness) can mislead you about the size and / or comfort of your shoes.
• Avoid challenging high heights (literally), so it’s true that high-heeled stilettos flatter your legs and make them look sexy, but extreme height challenges can be detrimental to your health, both in the immediate and in the long run. Avoid wearing high heels that are over 5 cm high (if you still want an exclusive couple, sex style and the big city, leave it alone for a few special occasions).
• Avoid buying shoes in clothing stores – they are likely to be particularly beautiful, but they will not serve you comfortably. male! Shoes are purchased only at established and professional shoe stores that have been engraved on their flag to produce both fashionable and comfortable shoes.
• A sneaky shoe will never be a comfortable shoe – I would not be tempted to choose sneakers too tight where you feel your fingertips, even if they are very flattering. Shoes that are too tight will cause discomfort, pain and damage in the more distant range.
• Don’t settle for love at first sight – even if you are fantasizing about a pair of spectacular shoes that are already scurrying out of the shop window, don’t be tempted, by any means! Buy them without exploring their other important features, such as functional fit, maximum comfort, keeping your feet stable, and more.
• Price is not an exclusive consideration – do not let the price of shoes be a major consideration when buying. Shoes at a very low price, light a red light bulb for their quality.
Nothing to do but quality has to pay more.
Most importantly, remember that your health does not have a price tag!

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