Top 5 Best Shoes For Roofing

Roofing is a high-risk activity, and most roofers will agree that getting to the rooftop is a challenging activity. When roofing, outstanding traction is crucial. Your work boots or daily shoes are never your greatest choice. Their design does not give you the best contact with the roof’s surface.

Investing in a shoe that is specifically designed to handle the obstacles you will be exposed allowing you to have confidence at work. There are numerous things to consider when choosing roofing shoes, such as protection, comfort, ankle flexibility, durability, grip, weight, breathability, and traction.

We’ve saved you the strain of analyzing hundreds of different designs and brands. Below is a collection of the five best roofing shoes you can consider purchasing today. With the help of footwearjoy team, We will give you a quick review of each, and a guide on what to look for when buying, to help you decide on the best footwear that fits your requirements.

Top 5 Best Roofing Shoes

1. Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Roofing Boot

This boot has a thick rubber sole and a 100 percent waterproof leather body that meets electric hazard security standards. Also, the rubber sole is heat-resistant to act as a barrier between your feet and the hot tar when working. The outer cover of the boot has 6-inch laces passing through brass eyelets to ensure they are secure and comfortable. The size of the top opening is 13.5 inches.


• Removable polyurethane insole

• 6-inch brass lace-up

• 5-inch opening

• 5-inch heel

• 5-inch shaft

• Heat-resistant outsole

• Rubber sole

• 100% waterproof leather


• No steel toes

• Run small

2. Thorogood Men’s American Roofer Boots

These boots are 100 percent leather with impenetrable synthetic soles. They have removable insoles and 4.25-inch shafts from the top of the boot to the arch. These boots usually run large, so you will need to try them on the store or purchase a slightly larger size than your normal wear. However, on the downside, we noticed that the inner linings wear out fast by the small toe. This exposes your toe to the rough side of the leather when the lining is finished.


• Removable insoles

• 25-inch shaft

• Synthetic soles

• 100% leather


• Toes wear through quickly

• Run large

3. EVER BOOTS Waterproof Work Boots

These boots give you the best quality when it comes to the value of your money. They have durable and thick rubber soles and 100% leather waterproof bodies. To keep your feet warm and dry in cold damp weather, they are equipped with insulated linings. When purchasing, you should order appropriately because the boots run about half a size small. We also noticed that our feet got sweaty and hot since these boots are not very breathable. They are also protected with laces that pass-through eyelets; however, they fall out of the shoes quickly.


• Insulated linings

• Rubber soles

• Waterproof leather


• Not breathable

• Eyelets come off easily

• Run half size larger than other boots

4. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

This shoe is made of 100 percent suede leather with a thick synthetic sole and an outer mesh. To help keep your feet from sweating, the body material of these shoes is very breathable. Also, to keep out moisture or loose debris from damp days, they are equipped with closed-cell foam tongues. The Moab 2 has fewer eyelets compared to other Merrell model shoes. The bodies and soles are both very stiff and do not allow a lot of movement. Also, the arch supports are very high for someone with flat feet to wear easily. They also do not have much padding on the insoles.


• Breathable mesh lining

• Closed-cell foam tongues

• Synthetic soles

• 100% suede leather and mesh


• Very stiff

• Arch support too high for flat feet

• Insoles don’t have much padding

• Fewer eyelets than older models

5. Timberland Men’s Barstow Wedge Work & Roofing Boot

The Barstow Wedge boot is 100 percent leather with a rubber insole. To keep your feet feeling fresh all day long, the boot features anti-fatigue technology. Compared to other roofing work boots, these boots are more substantial and bulkier, and the soles wear out faster. We also noticed that they run narrow, too, so you will need to choose your size accordingly.


• Anti-fatigue technology

• Rubber insole

• Leather


• Soles wear out quickly

• Heavy

• Run narrow

Best Shoes for Roofing Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best pair out of the vast collection of roofing shoes available on the market is a daunting task, considering that all manufacturers claim they have the best roofing footwear. Below are some features you should consider when looking for the best roofing shoe:

Upper construction

When deciding on the right pair of roofing shoes, the material from which the shoe is made from is a significant feature to consider. Full-grain leather is mostly favored because of its moisture-absorption properties and flexibility. If you work in hot climates mostly or during the summer, you should search for boots that mix synthetic materials and leather, such as nylon.

Good Traction

Traction is the most significant feature of safety. The boots should have a solid grip on rooftops and surfaces. The outer sole of the best roofing shoe should deliver outstanding traction on slippery, rough, and steep surfaces.

Arch support

This is a significant feature that all good roofing pair must possess. Extended hours of standing will increase pressure on your arch and feet. To avoid experiencing pain, you require a footwear with exceptional arch support.


Comfort should be the number one priority when searching for roofing shoes. Keep in mind; you might have to stand in those pairs for extended periods of time every day. So, it is vital to purchase a pair of shoes that deliver optimum comfort.


Majority of roofers tend to makes mistakes in this feature as they purchase cheap shoes to save money. However, they might end up losing more money. Durable roofing shoes might be costly, but they are worth every penny. Purchasing durable shoes is an investment that will serve you for an extended period.


It is critical to search for roofing shoes with all the features you want. The right roofing shoes should be ASTM-complaint, provide the required support, manufactured with durable materials, and have a stable grip. Some boots have heel shafts, boot-straps, and lace-ups for a snug fit to prevent accidents.


The best roofing shoes will deliver the required support and comfort and guarantee your security by keeping your feet stable and safe. Hopefully, we have taken your struggles away by providing you with this review. All the best!

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